Tuesday, 3 June 2014


It was a beautiful sunny day for my little tri-athletes. After this past month of pumping the kids up and making sure they were confident and ready to go it was so great to have the weather cooperate. Brea had a goal of getting her training wheels off before the event and she made it happen, Rhys who would follow his sister to the end of the world did likewise as well. We've actually had a really good time biking after dinner in our neighbourhood and to parks nearby to help the kids build up their skills (my skills too!).

The night before the event we practiced transitions. This year Brea was all on her own. So she put her bathing suit on, got onto our deck, entered the pool (our living room) and swam across to the dining room. Then she made her way to the transition area (our laundry room) where she got into her shirt, shorts and shoes and grabbed her bike in the garage to pedal around the cul-de-sac, then a quick changeover with Daddy to a run around the cul-de-sac and to the finish line that was Rhys. She loved it so much she wanted to do it three times!

We were up bright and early to get to event set-up on time and it was so great to see our family and friends there. Po-Po, Kau-Kau Ambrose, Auntie Joyce and Lucy were chipper and happy with noise-makers and a fab poster. B &R's friend Malaya was also competing this year and another friend, Max, also came to see what all the hullaballoo was about with his family. So there was great support for the kidlets. I was a little anxious for Brea but she was cool as a cucumber and didn't need a walk-through at all.

Rhys was just super excited to be there, now that he knew what it was all about (and that there were snacks at the end). There were no tears, just smiles as Rhys got ready. The little guy did so well. The swim was amazing, Rhys was second out of the water. Daddy could have done a little better in transition (he thinks so too) but once his little legs started peddling he was off. Craig doesn't know if he'll be able to keep up next year.
Rhys's time: 11:26

Brea was super! She took to the water with a big smile and kept smiling throughout. Auntie Kathy was very enthusiastic at the pool and I could see Brea glancing at her lots. Biking was a breeze and after a quick stop at the water station, she was off on her run. There was some confusion on one portion of the track but she kept going. Two boys were just ahead of her and we cheered her to zip by them but she was just happy to do her thing. At the finish line, she asked Craig why he kept telling her to beat the boys and when he told her that's what happens in a race, her reply was: "It's a race!? Really?" Oh Brea!
Brea's time: 13:13

All in all, the TriKids event has been wonderful for us, it is a very well organized team and I'm so happy that the kids enjoyed themselves this year. Both of them are already asking when they can do it again.

The FANS with their two-sided poster!
Grabbing a ride from Daddy before the event.

Rhys is ready to go!

Showing off his number.
Waiting in the water.
And they're off!
Letting Daddy do the lifting to the biking event.
He had some speed... Daddy was working it.
Getting to the finish.

Proud Tri-athlete!

Brea's turn!

Making sure the hair's okay, just kidding but it is a funny pose to have caught!
Swimming smile.
Walking her bike to the next event.

Punching it across the finish line!
Super proud of my girl!

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Happy 4th Birthday Rhys!

Happy 4th Birthday my Sweet Boy!

Last week Rhys turned four years old. It has been a busy year for him - training wheels came off his bike, he's grown nearly 4 inches, it's been his first year independent from Brea; he is forging ahead with leaps and bounds.

He had a party with some friends to celebrate and then on his special day, we celebrated with his choice of spaghetti and meatballs with an apple-berry crisp.

Dear Rhys,

I'm so proud of you! You are an amazing little boy. Who would have known that you would become so talkative and happy to share everything. I love how you sing to yourself in bed before you drift off to sleep. I often sit near your doorway to hear what new song you'll make up. You LOVE cars and anything that moves but you are also excited about building and playing stories with Lego. There is nothing I love more than hearing the pitter patter of your feet in the morning as you climb into bed for your morning cuddle. I hope you never stop asking for cuddles and snuggles! You can have a devilish streak but when your face lights up with that sweet sweet smile, you are always my sweet little boy.

I love you!

Sunday, 11 May 2014

And they're away!!!

After some hard work, Craig has successfully sent the kids on their way... off on two wheels that is!

Brea May 6th, 2014


Rhys May 10th, 2014


Monday, 5 May 2014

Birthday Wishes for their cousin

Happy 12th Birthday Madison!


Uncle Craig and

Monday, 24 March 2014

Brea's Fifth Birthday

***Should have been posted in September 2013***

We were out on the Oregon coast for Brea's special day once again! We had spoken to her ahead of time and she had some ideas planned out for the day's festivities and the most exciting thing she wanted to do was to go "fish for crabs". Yes, after hearing about her cousin's escapades on the dock crabbing, she wanted to try it out. We went to Kelly's Brighton Marina a few days earlier to scope out the deets and to make sure we'd be going at prime time to get some good eating. So Friday bright and early we made it out to the docks.

The kids were so excited as we got our license and made our way down the gangplank to retrieve our traps, bait and buckets. They watched entranced as the fish guts were attached to the net and we carried it over to the edge of the dock. There were not many people out at 9:30am crabbing so the kids had their pick of the BEST place to launch our traps. They soon discovered that crabbing meant a lot of waiting... luckily we had some games to distract us. After catching near to 30 crabs, we finally got two that were male and size appropriate. Then watched as it was cooked for us.

Getting ready for the feast!
The kids were thrilled to get to see all the cleaning and each got to eat the heart. I was particularly proud of Rhys who was willing to try. He discovered pretty fast though that he much preferred the "fishing" portion to the eating part. Brea meanwhile could not get enough - this probably had to do with the cup of melted butter they provided to us that she would have drank if I didn't stop her.

It was pretty funny as we enjoyed our fresh seafood, people would approach and say happy birthday to Brea, comment on how great of an idea it was to celebrate there. I have never tasted crab so sweet. It must have been because we caught it ourselves.

Dear Brea,

I hope your really enjoyed your special day. I loved spending it with you and watching your wonder and excitement. You are growing up quickly and I know these days are flying by. I love how you love to have time with your books. I love hearing the conversations you have with your little brother when you look out for him and give him advice. I love how you remind me that you are still very little when you come to me for a cuddle. This next year is going to bring so many new changes and you'll be experiencing lots of new things. I'll be here for you as always. I wish you the most amazing year yet and I can't wait to see you discover it all.


Sunday, 23 March 2014


Brea has been very interested in the KM club at school but unfortunately, the time isn't feasible for her after school. Craig has picked-up running again now that the weather is improving and he's been doing great! Well the kids have been watching him and when Brea was younger she often went on runs with him. So he decided to do an impromptu KM Club for her. He set it up to start at the kilometre markers on the trail near us and timed it all. The kids were so close to their 8 min goal and missed it by just 10 secs on their first try! Pretty good, in my books!

Stretching it our with Daddy!

Kabob Night!

The kids, well, more Rhys, has been really interested in helping with cooking. I decided kabobs would work well for dinner and then the kids could customize as they wanted. Brea has been lucky at school to have a great group of parents who organize a cooking project every month for the kids and one of the "snacks" they created was kabob-wiches. So she felt she was a pro with the skewers and directed Rhys A LOT (as usual). Luckily, the little guy didn't mind, he was having fun. Craig did his sherry marinade for the meat and it was totally delish! Even Rhys who normally isn't a huge fan of meat was all over it, I guess it tastes better when you're the chef :o)

Check out the intense concentration!